Foal play: Young horse leads emergency services a merry dance as they attempt to rescue it from a river


Catch me if you can: Foal makes a getaway from firefighters attempting to rescue it from the river

Like something out of Black Beauty a foal playfully evades the clutches of firefighters attempting to rescue it.
The foal was eventually removed from the water by firefighters using specially designed 'horse slings' at the River Lea culvert in Edmonton, London.
Three fire engines, two specialist rescue units, a command unit and two senior officers formed the attendance from the fire brigade - and were also joined by two police officers. Rescuers were called just after 2pm today following reports that the foal was in distress. However, an eyewitness reported that the foal's owners turned up shortly after the incident began and said that the horses 'occasionally get into the shallow overflow' and that they 'are not in any danger as the water isn`t very deep'. The unnamed owners did not even stick around to watch the hour-long rescue unfold.

Splash down: A firefighter comes a cropper while attempting to catch the foal using horse slings

River dance: The animal playfully jumping in the River Lea culvert at Edmonton

Looking ropey: Emergency services work together to pull the animal to safety

After the creature had led three firefighters who went in the water to catch him a merry dance for quite some time they eventually managed to apprehend it and attach ropes to allow it to be pulled from the water safely.
Despite appearing to be unconscious after being dragged back on to dry land, firefighters massaged and dried the creature to revive it.
On regaining consciousness the young horse happily ran off into a nearby field. A local said it is not uncommon for the fire brigade to rescue to horses who enter the river.

Safe and sound: The unusual rescue mission eventually comes to a happy ending

source: dailymail