Can I get a lift, mum? Tiny snail climbs aboard mother's back to cross a puddle


Animal magic: This lazy creature climbed on top of its mother's shell. knowing it would stay above the water and soak up some extra sun

A snail's pace was just fine for this baby mollusc as it hitched a ride on the back of its mother's shell.
The lazy creature climbed on top of her shell so it didn't get wet as she went through a puddle.
The moment was captured by Uda Dennie, 33, who took a series of pictures of the snails near his home in Batam Island, Indonesia.
He said: 'I was really surprised when I spotted the baby being carried by his mum on her shell - I've never seen this kind of behaviour.
'He seemed very happy there. I was watching and taking pictures for a few minutes and he remained there for the whole time.'
Mr Dennie, who has only been taking macro photos for a few months, said the snail left its mother's shell when a stone above the water meant he was able to hop off.

Eye for detail: These superb macro shots were taken by Uda Dennie, 33, near his home in Batam Island, Indonesia

He added: 'I think the snail just wanted to stay dry - he did everything he could not to get wet.
'The only time he went to the water was when he needed what looked like a drink and he ventured closer to it.'
Mr Dennie said taking the pictures was 'not an easy task'.

Thirsty work: The snail stopped for a drink but preferred to travel across water by hitching a ride on its mother's shell

He added: 'In fact it's quite a challenge, as I had to wait for a unique moment. The most important thing is patience.
'Sometimes it takes hours to capture the moment. I was inspired to start photographing macro, as there are so many interesting things around us that are rarely seen.
'My first impression when taking photos of these tiny animals was how incredible it was. I could see their lives more closely and I really enjoyed the final result.'

A snail's pace was good enough for this baby mollusc as it hitched a ride on the back of its mother's shell

source: dailymail