The winged assassin of bluebell wood: Merciless tawny owl swoops through forest in broad daylight


Predator: The rare sight of a tawny owl hunting by day at the British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield, Surrey

Wings spread wide, eyes peeled for the slightest movement below it, a tawny owl swoops low over ranks of bluebells.
Woe betide any small animal that comes under the predator’s merciless gaze.
The owls – which feast on rodents, birds, frogs, fish and insects – are nocturnal but can occasionally be seen hunting during the day, especially if there are young mouths to feed and food is hard to come by.

This one was pictured at the British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield, Surrey. Strix aluco, to give the bird its official name, is the most common type of owl in Britain and there are an estimated 19,400 pairs breeding across the UK.

source: dailymail