It's a cat-avan! Stray moggy gets own trailer after being taken in by owners of dealership


The purr-fect home: The stray cat's new surroundings feature a fleece-lined bed inside a 3ft mobile trailer

This stray cat went from wandering the streets to her own luxury mobile home - after being given her very own miniature caravan.
The stray cat wandered into a caravan dealership near Albrighton, Shropshire, where owners took such a shine to the homeless feline they provided her with her own 3ft tourer.
The luxury home they provided the stray animal, who they imaginatively named 'Cat', is worth £1,500 and comes complete with a model kitchen and fleece-lined bed.
Mervyn Hughes, owner of Cosford Caravans, said: 'We think she must have got left behind when personnel from the RAF base moved on.
'It used to hide around and come out and meow and as soon as you went near her she would spit and scratch. 'We started feeding her a bit of dry food, then giving her a treat of a pouch of food every Wednesday, and now she's a fixture here.'

Furry cosy: The cat's new home, pictured next to more conventionally-sized caravans, is worth £1,500

Cat's own personal trailer was donated to her by Mr Hughes's opposite number at rival firm Bailey Caravans, after they heard about the stray animal's plight.
Mervyn, 59, from Little Wenlock, Shrops, added: 'The manager spotted her mooching around and he asked about her. I told him she was put outside at night and she just slept somewhere round the back of the site.
'I didn't think anything more of it, but then much to our amazement a miniature caravan arrived at our site, purpose-built by the Bailey engineers in Bristol, especially for our cat.

Caravan store owner Mervyn Hughes said the cat has finally been given a permanent home after wandering around his shop for over six years

'It turned up with a message saying 'something for the cat to sleep in at night in comfort.'
'I must admit I was a bit amazed. In my 28 years here, I have never seen anything quite like it. I was amazed it was made from scratch so quickly.'

source: dailymail