Is this the world's cutest cat? Heart-meltingly adorable animal caught on camera playing on a chair


Fur real?: The cat is so cute, some have speculated it's really animatronic

Meet Ksenia, a Scottish Fold feline from Russia and what thousands of internet users are calling the world's cutest cat.
The charcoal moggy first appeared on YouTube in December 2011, but she has become an online sensation in the past 24 hours, attracting 150,000 views.
Ksenia is so cute, some fans have even suggested she's an elaborate and hi-tech animatronic toy - while others have offered to buy her. Ksenia does nothing out of the ordinary in her YouTube debut, scampering around playfully on the back of a chair. But thousands have flocked to the site to see her flawless fur, bright orange eyes, panting puppy-like tongue and impossibly perfect face.
There's been so much interest in this little kitten, her owner logged onto the site today to field questions from fascinated fans.
One user likened Ksenia to a Antonio Banderas' adorable animated cat in Pixar's Puss in Boots; while another offered £630 to buy her.

Magnificent moggy: Fans have flocked online to see Ksenia's flawless fur and bright orange eyes

Her owner jokingly agreed, before replying: 'Jokes. I will never this do it.'
Other fans have even speculated Ksenia is the result of some clever CGI technology - or an animatric doll.

Different colours, but just as cute: Ksenia has been likened to the adorable cat in Puss in Boots

source: dailymail