Who are you calling a bunch of animals? Internet snaps show some pets are more human than you think


The iPurr: Kittens love chilling to the sound of the Pussycat Dolls

Ever feel your pet is even more human than you are? Judging by the photos posted on internet site animalsthatdopeoplethings, you could well be right...

Is that you Bernard? They do say owners grow to look like their dogs

Top dog: One is friends with the Royal Corgies, Political animal? Yes, I'm a swing voter

Feeling ruff? After a heavy night, nothing beats the hair of the dog

Cool Paw Luke: It's hard play poke if they dealing you hands

The Three Pedigrees: Not just champions, we're the Supremes

A canine online: Google? I thought they said Poodle

What a knit: I am in stitches, Waiter, waiter: There's a whisker in my soup

It's Snoop Dogg: I'm great at scratching

Pizza mutt: I definitely had one too man slices of the Margherita

Cat apps: Now which one let me order a fish supper?

Pipe dream: Retriever? No I'm a Werthers Original. Yes, it's the Hound of the Baskervilles

Feline fed-up: Sometimes there's no pleasing Puss

source: dailymail