It's playtime: Cute polar bear twins take their first tiny steps into the outside world

Thirsty work: Polar bear Huggies licks her twin cubs while breastfeeding them during their first public appearance at the Ouwehands Zoo in the Netherlands

Twin polar bears took their first steps outdoors much to the delight of photographers who captured the cute moment.
The endangered animals never strayed far from their mother Huggies, who featured in David Attenborough's BBC show Frozen Planet, and got her name from the nappy company who sponsor her.

Too cute: The twin polar bears have some playtime as they venture in front of the camera for the first time

And in a real heart-warming moment, the proud mother was on hand to let her cubs suckle as they kept up their energy for their public appearance.
The bears are being housed at Ouwehands Zoo in the Netherlands, which is participating in a breeding program for the rare mammals.
But it hasn't all been about the happy times for Huggies as after giving birth to three cubs in December 2011, one didn't survive.

Come to mummy: Huggies brings her cubs in for some nourishment, whilst keeping a close eye on them

Capture that: The three-month-old polar bear twins walk with their mother Huggies in the open air for the first time

Writing on New York-based Chinese television Channel NTD's website, Dirk Jan van der Kolk, Zoo Manager said: 'We are very proud and also happy that we are breeding so well with polar bears, I think we are a lucky zoo that Huggies and her daughter are very relaxed mothers, I think that's one of the main reasons why our cubs are doing so well.
'And we are still hoping for future, there are so, so many cubs are born here.'

source: dailymail