Boy, this rain is bugging me: Amazing pictures show how microscopic insects cope in a downpour


Secret life of a bug: Water droplets make this inset look twice the size

They say its a bugs life, but a collection of new photos sheds a new light on the secret life of an insect.
The images make them look more like aliens than insects.
Ondrej Pakan, from Myjava, Slovakia, captured the stunning series of microscopic insects following a downpour.

Ondrej Pakan, from Slovakia, captured the images using a special lense

Tiny droplets of water make the bugs take on an altogether different look - inflating them to a bigger size once they are covered in liquid.
In one eye catching photo an ant looks to be straining under the heavy weight of water droplets settling on his body.
Another shows a huge wasp about to take flight doused in water.
While one blue-eyed bug can be seen staring down the lens of Ondrej's camera - covered in dots of water.

Is that a wasp: The water droplets make the body of the wasp almost twice as big

An ant looks like it is struggling to cope under the weight of the water
The Slovakian photographer specialises in capturing the world's microscopic insects seconds after a downpour but also has to dodge the showers himself.
He said: 'I get soaked waiting for the rain to finish, but it all seems worth it when you get really great shots of the insects with drops on them.

This ladybird looks like it is carrying a huge visitor on its back but it is just a water droplet

The photos show up the tiny details of the insects which are impossible to see through the naked eye

'It's a challenge not letting your equipment get too wet in some of the more exotic locations.
'People seem to really like the colours and the way the water magnifies features of the insects.'
Ondrej used his trusty Canon 40D with a special lens to capture the amazing shots.

The minute detail of the small hairs on the body of the insect are shown in contrast to the bright colours of the creature

source :dailymail