Why can't I eat them? Hungry frog nips at touchscreen insects (and then its owner) in hilarious video


Virtual dinner: A Pacman frog catches its supper on a smartphone

Animals and technology don’t always see eye to eye.
That is exactly what happened when a hungry Pacman frog tries to nip at some tasty-looking bugs crawling across the screen of a smartphone, and became confused when he couldn't eat them.
The frog observes the bugs for some seconds, calculating its plan of attack.

Game on: The owner starts the Ant Smasher game while the frog looks on curiously

First attack: The frog lunges for what he thinks is his lunch

It then lunges for a particularly large ant, sticking its long pink tongue out to catch its dinner.
When it realises the ant is still on the screen, it sits back and watches for a second or two before again making an attack.

Regrouping: The frog calculates its next move as insects crawl down the screen

When the man goes to touch the screen again, the frog – most likely irritated by its lack of supper – attacks his thumb, causing the man to yell out in pain.
He then laughs it off before the video ends.
The frog’s owner is using the Ant Smasher app, a free game that allows users to crush the arthropods with a satisfying squish.
The frog’s owner – Youtube user rlawhdgs3 – is laughing throughout the animal vs. technology encounter.
At one point, the frog’s tongue actually crushes one of the touchscreen insects.

Technical difficulties: It gets frustrated when none its attacks yield a tasty bug

The goal, of course, is to keep them away from a tasty digital picnic.
Players squish the unsuspecting ants while simultaneously avoiding bees.
When the bugs are smashed by a person’s finger, they emit a satisfying, if not disgusting, squishing noise.
Pacman frogs – also known as South American horned frogs – have incredibly large mouths and often eat insects and small animals like mice and other frogs.
They can live as many as ten years in captivity.

Grabbing a bite: When the owner goes to start a new game, the frog decides his thumb makes a tasty treat

source: dailymail