Welcome to the Bark Side! Meet the hilarious Star Wars dogs


Star paws: This pooch's shiny black snout makes him the perfect pup to pose as the film's villain Darth Vader

Classic sci-fi blockbuster Star Wars has spawned many homages from die-hard fans.
And its latest incarnation is bound to get tongues - and tails - wagging again.
This time, the Force has taken root in a group of adorable dogs dressed up as the film's popular characters.

Lookalike: This Princess Leia pooch produces the perfect wide-eyed recreation of Carrie Fisher in the original 1977 Star Wars film

A furry Yoda has outgrown his owner to become a Jedi Master, while pooch Princess Leia is as charming as the beautiful heroine of the space-age series.
Several of the mutts have allowed their puppy power to lead them astray, however, playing up their shiny black noses to appear as evil villain Darth Vader.

It is only to be hoped that Luke Skywalker can keep them on a leash.
The cute canine cast have had animal-lovers yapping with excitement since they featured on website Popcrunch.

Puppy power: Princess Leia and her evil father Darth Vader model their carefully chosen costumes

And they have ensured amused onlookers will be eating out of their paws after such an entertaining tribute.
Most of the dogs have been given a traditional look, with two appearing as Leia in the simple white dress she wore in Episode IV - the original George Lucas offering.
The barking models even sport wigs rolled up on each side into the Princess's classic hairstyle, made famous by Carrie Fisher in the original Hollywood hit.
Yoda - Luke's benevolent mentor who first appeared in the second film The Empire Strikes Back - has gone even further in wearing a full costume, exaggerating his dog ears with two enormous fakes.
A tiny white pup features on the website as Obi Wan Kenobi - played by Alec Guinness and Ewan Macgregor in the films - in a maroon cloak.
It wasn't much of a stretch for another fluffy mutt to look like an Ewok, while a cuddly Chewbacca looks like he wants nothing more than to live up to his name by gnawing on a bone.
But these far-out furballs look far too sweet to be more than a Phantom Menace.

Jedi night: A talented mutt dresses up as Yoda for the evening

source: dailymail