The real-life Lion King: Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the micro pig form unlikeliest of friendships


Best of friends: The cute meerkat and micro pig - named Timon and Pumbaa after the cartoon characters in The Lion King

It could be straight out of Disney's classic The Lion King - but this adorable couple are the real-life Timon and Pumbaa.

The cute meerkat and micro pig - named Timon and Pumbaa after the cartoon characters - have struck up the most unlikely of friendships.

Having been born within weeks of each other in Worcestershire, the black micro pig and fuzzy haired meerkat became best pals after seeing each other through a chicken wire fence dividing their pens.

Give me a kiss: Timon and Pumbaa play around with each other after becoming close pals at Tropical Inc, an education animal display company based in Dunhampton, Worcestershire

"They are both newborns and haven't settled into their roles within the litter yet so they are just running around enjoying themselves much like the mantra of the film.

"They showed great interest in each other from the start, almost like they were meant to be friends.

"At the time they still hadn't been named, but we soon realised we couldn't call them anything else once somebody pointed out they were just like the pair from the film."

Miniature rascals: Kelly Shambly, 24, an animal career at Tropical Inc poses with Timon and Pumbaa

In an incredible real-life parallel to the cartoon characters, Timon is an outgoing and self-absorbed meerkat.

Kelly added: "There was a little chicken wire fence between them and Timon was desperately trying to find a way through to get to Pumbaa.

The real Timon (left) and Pumbaa (right): Pictured in the 1994 film The Lion King

source: dailymail