Pick on someone your own size! Stag leaps into river after turning on SWAN


Minding his own business: This unsuspecting swan was gliding along on a stream through Bushy Park when it got caught in the middle of two rutting stags

This is the dramatic moment an unsuspecting swan is attacked by a stag in extraordinary scenes along a quiet London riverbed.

As the tranquil swan gently moved along a stream through Bushy Park, in Richmond, either side of the water two male stags were preparing to clash.

It is the second attack by rutting stags in a matter of days in the park after a woman was chased and left 'badly shaken' as she watched a mating ritual.

Beauty and the beast: The rutting stag advances on the swan in Bushy Park -onlookers were stunned at the extraordinary scenes

Amazingly in this latest stag attack the swan managed to make a miraculous escape ducking out of the way, with just moments to spare, as the two stags crashed into each other with full force.

Innocent victim: The swan was scooped up by the stag, in scenes captured by photographer Robert Piper, and driven over to the other side of the bank

Both extraordinary scenes were captured by keen photographer Robert Piper, 55.
Speaking about the swan incident, he said: 'That area of the park was very busy at the time - there were families picnicking on the banks of the stream just a few yards away.

Lucky escape: The swan just manages to fly away from the rutting stags, who desperately want to lock horns

Escape route: The swan dives under the water as the stag looks on, amazingly neither creature was injured

'It’s important to remind park visitors that deer are wild animals and must be treated with caution. It’s dangerous to approach the deer at any time of year, but especially between September and November, when the males are rutting.
'Signs throughout the park warn that caution is necessary.'

Giving chase: The scene in Bushy Park on September 23 as a stag chases a woman, getting close enough to lift her jacket with its horns

source: dailymail