Now, that's what I call a cat nap! Delightful images of kittens catching 40 winks


Paws for reflection: You wouldn't expect an aristocat like me to sleep in a basket - I'm feline fine right where I am

Some will be dreaming of a bowl of milk, others of a tussle with a ball of string.

After the overwhelming response from readers to pictures of snoozing pups in the Mail last month, meet the kittens catching 40 winks — as opposed to mice.
As you can see, they’re all in a state of purr-fect bliss . . .

Catatonic: With any luck, I can stretch this nap out for a little longer . . .

That darn cat: Playing with wool is exhausting and right, in this house, I’m part of the furniture

Cat's whiskers: I'm having a lovely dream all about sardines

Bear hug: Teddy and I are just close friends, and right, that’s enough cataloguing: I’ll look for that Cats DVD later

I'm Tom, he's Jerry: And you won't hear a squeak out of us for a while

From last month's Daily Mail

source: dailymail