I'm trying to cut down! The gorilla who can't stop gorging on carrots


Hungry: This gorilla at Moscow Zoo was determined to grab as many carrots as he possibly could come feeding time

Perhaps they had run out of bananas.

But this hungry gorilla remained undeterred when he stole his entire family's supply of carrots.

Clearly worried about getting his five-a-day, the animal was photographed grabbing the vegetables and running away from the rest of his clan.

He then hid in a corner and proceeded to eat the lot.

Alone time: The animal then hid away in the corner of his enclosure to eat his way through his stash of carrots

The hilarious moment at Moscow Zoo was captured by amateur photographer Olga Gladysheva, 37.

She said: 'A family of four gorillas live at the zoo - three adults and a baby.

'When the zookeepers bring them food, the gorillas run for their portion, which on this day happened to be a big bundle of carrots.

'The male took as many carrots as he could hold in hands and, as gorillas usually walk on four paws, he put as many carrots in his mouth as he could. He took the rest in one of his hands and ran away to hide.

Easy does it: His more patient family, meanwhile, slowly ate their carrots one at a time

'Both females and the baby were eating carrots near the feeder, absolutely calm, one by one, trying to feel the taste of each carrot.

'But there really weren't many left for them to eat as the male gorilla had eaten nearly all of them.'

Animal lover Olga added: 'The male gorilla is very funny - he slaps or pinches one of the females and then runs away - and females start to chase him with a lot of noise.

source: dailymail