A doodle on a poodle: Creative dog grooming craze hits Britain with first-ever show


Madcap? A poodle creatively groomed as a My Little Pony at an event in Swanley

The creative dog grooming craze that swept America has reached the shores of Britain.
From a red dragon and Bertie Bassett to Lady Gaga and Winnie the Pooh, these prancing pooches are enjoying a doggie fancy dress show.

Imaginatively transformed from humble dogs to All Sorts of cultural icons these poodles were blissfully unaware of what all the fuss was about during the British Dog Creative Stylist of the Year competition.

Just like him: A doggy Winnie The Pooh is in make-up before the event

The winner: A groomer puts the finishing touches to her red dragon poodle

The event, organised by dog salon owner, Louisa Tandy, 38, from Gravesend in Kent, showcased the best of Britain's pooch groomers.

Incredibly, the range of colours are produced by normal and washable vegetable dyes.
'It's all good fun and the event gives top UK talent the chance to really show off what they can do,' explained Louisa.

'The dogs are thrilled with all the attention they get - and love strutting their stuff. For them it's just like getting a bath and a haircut.

Off the scales: A red dragon poses on the top of a castle

Extreme: A doggy make-up artist works on the My Little Pony

'We have to use dogs that have the right personality to pull it off. Like human models they need to be cool and collected and happy to stand still and enjoy the process.'

The 14 poodle and poodles cross-bred dogs came from all corners of the country to take part. This breed is chosen for its good nature and easily sculptured coats.

This year's winner was the amazing red dragon - inspired by the mythological beast displayed proudly on the Welsh Flag.

Prancing pooch: This dog was blissfully unaware of what all the fuss was about during the Dog Creative Stylist of the Year competition

source: dailymail