A bird in the hand: Photographer gets close-up as tame robin feeds from his fingers


Coming in to land: The robin approaches

Photographer Mike Walker feeds a tame robin with one hand - while taking these amazing close-up pictures with his other hand.

The bird flew into his garden in Portchester, Hampshire and gradually became tame enough to accept food, and would even sit on the 64-year-old's grandchildren's hands.

The photographer said: 'The thing with robins, I was told, is to get mealworms - and he just went mad for them.

Nearly there: The robin is just inches away from Mike's hand

Made it: The bird rests on one hand, while Mike takes photos with the other

'I think he was feeding youngsters at the time, that was half of it. He would fly away and then he was back ever two minutes.

'He took no notice of the noise of the camera, he was just absolutely oblivious. He is just so tame, the grandkids have had him on their hands.

'He is a fantastic bird, you could get him to do virtually anything.'

Resting robin: The bird appears oblivious to the camera Detailed: The extraordinary close-up shows the bird just as it is about to land

source: dailymail