Wayne and Coleen Rooney spend £10,000 on underfloor heating... for their dogs

By Mail Online Reporter

Beloved pets: Coleen Rooney with one of the couple's Bichon Frise dogs

After spending £5million on a holiday home in Barbados they'll only use a few times a year, it's safe to say Wayne and Coleen Rooney aren't exactly frugal when it comes to spending their millions.

So it shouldn't be surprising to their fans to hear the Manchester United footballer has splashed out £10,000 on underfloor heating in their dogs' kennels.

After a long, snowy winter last year, the couple don't want their four dogs - two Bichon Frises Daisy and Bella, chow chow Fizz and a French mastiff - to get cold so have had the expensive heating system fitted in their special 'doggie block'.

Puppy love: Coleen walking her chow chow Fizz

A source told The Sun: 'Wealthy footballers in the North-West went through a phase of having underfloor heating throughout their homes.

'Then there was a craze for installing it in their driveways to avoid snow in winter. Now Wayne has taken it one further.

'It's cost him as much as it would to do an average family home. Coleen insisted on it. But Wayne's a softie with dogs so he agreed.'

Meanwhile, Coleen claimed her baby weight just 'fell off' after giving birth to son Kai Wayne last November.

She told Star magazine: 'I didn't struggle to lose the weight or focus on it too much and I think that's the best way. The weight just fell off.

'I am quite lucky I never got stretch marks but your body changes because you get bigger.

'I put weight on and thought, "Oh no, am I ever going to go back to the way I was?" But when you have the baby that all goes out the window because your focus is on looking after them.'

The Real Woman presenter was spotted showing off her toned figure in a series of designer bikinis on her recent month-long holiday in Barbados and Las Vegas.

source: dailymail