Lucky escape for grizzly bear who comes face-to-face with Sarah Palin... she's only got a fishing rod in her hand!

By Mail Foreign Service

Chance meeting: The bear stares at Sarah Palin, in red jacket, after coming to the water edge to investigate

Considering she’s an avid hunter, it’s unclear who would have been more scared when Sarah Palin came face-to-face with a wild bear.

The former Alaska governor was on a fishing trip with her husband Todd and nine-year-old daughter Piper when the ‘Momma’ and her two cubs strolled along the edge of the water.

Mrs Palin looks bewildered after the encounter at Wolverine Creek in Alaska

Bear-faced cheek: The 'Momma' and her cubs wander off without incident

Mrs Palin, 46, and her family were in a boat with some friends near the shore in Wolverine Creek, Alaska, when the animals walked out of the forest to investigate.

The female bear stopped on a rock, turned and stared at the former vice-presidential candidate and then walked away without incident.

Perhaps it sensed that the lifelong National Rifle Association member might be looking for another grizzly bearskin rug to hang on her wall...

source: dailymail