Wax and polish: Sea turtle stops by underwater 'car wash' to get a clean and scrub from electric yellow fish


The brightly coloured fish working on one of their customers before they finish up and move onto the next one

These brightly coloured fish have been photographed happily operating an underwater car wash to help clean passing sea turtles.
Photographer Masa Ushioda, 43, described the fish as working 'like a car wash' and said the electric yellow, purple and blue fish worked enthusiastically on each turtle that checked in for a scrub.
The busy crew operated 60ft underwater in the Pacific Ocean off the Kona coast of Hawaii, America, in an area known as Turtle Pinnacle.

The Green Sea Turtle is common in the area known as Turtle Pinnacle, off the coast of Hawaii

Mr Ushioda, who has two children and lives in Kona, said: 'A turtle cleaning station is like a car wash business - the turtles come in, get cleaned and go out.
'As soon as a new dirty turtle came into the cleaning station, all the fish abandoned the one they were on, and go for the newcomer.

After the clean is completed, many of the turtles find a nearby ledge or overhang where they rest for awhile

'Obviously the dirtier, the better. On a typical day, during a 60 minute dive, more than dozen a turtles come in and out.
'After the fish leave, many turtles find a ledge or overhang nearby and fall asleep for another 20 minutes or so.
'But some leave the station as soon as the cleaning gets done.

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