Saved from a grisly end... by a grizzly! Bear pulls drowning crow out of the water


A crow found an unlikely saviour in a grizzly bear, when it ended up in a pond in its enclosure.
The bird had managed to fall into the water and was drowning when the grizzly discovered its plight and pulled it to safety.
The unusual Baywatch scene was filmed by a visitor at Budapest Zoo earlier this summer and uploaded to YouTube.

Hang in there: Vali the bear discovers a crow flailing in her pond at Budapest Zoo, and goes to investigate

In the short film, the bear is seen walking around near its pond, when it sees the flailing crow in the water.
The bear, a female named Vali, approaches the side of the pond, and after first attempting to pull it up with its paw, bites on to the crow’s wing and drags it out of the water.

Curiouser and curiouser: As the crow moves towards the edge of the water, Vali follows to investigate further

The terrified crow nabs Vali in the nose, and she immediately lets go of the wing, and retires to her apples and carrots.
The bird appears in shock, lying on its back for a few seconds while panting.

Vali the Valiant: The bear first tries to grab hold of the crow with her paw, but fails and bites on to its wing instead
Gotcha!: Vali the bear drags the drowning crow out of the water by its wing
Roughed up - but alive: The shocked crow eventually manages to get back on its feet

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