Blundering hunter leaves deer wandering with an arrow through its head


'Shocked': Susan Darrah said she took this photo of a deer impaled by an arrow in her New Jersey back yard

This horrifying picture was taken of a deer that wandered into a New Jersey garden.
This deer with an arrow shot cleanly through its head was spotted and photographed by resident Susan Darrah.
She says she was shocked to see the deer at her home in Boonton with a dart wedged through its muzzle.

Bow hunting for deer is legal in all 50 states, but ethical hunters aim for the body

'Want to know what sucks? THIS!' She posted on her Facebook page, 'Tried to capture him to no avail... he can eat, run and there's no blood, less chance of infection. I just feel so bad for him.'
The animal wasn't bleeding and didn't appear to be frightened, she claimed.
Ms Darrah immediately contacted animal control and they turned up the same day but were unable to catch the animal. She said the deer was a regular visitor to her back garden.

New Jersey's Division of Fish and Wildlife sent out a crew and is looking for the wounded animal

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