The love bugs: Adorable damselflies HOLD HANDS as they rest on a flower


These vividly coloured damselflies show they are best buddies, looking like they're holding hands as they cuddle up on a flower. Photographer Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, 38, spotted the insects in the dew as he walked across a flood plain early one morning

It is easy to imagine that these vividly-coloured damselflies are on a romantic insect date as they look as if they are holding hands.
The adorable images were taken by a photographer as he walked across a flood plain early one morning.
Photographer Alberto Ghizzi Panizza, 38 from Palma, Italy, took the photos of the big-eyed insects near the River Po in the Po Valley.

Adult damselflies (pictured) eat flies, mosquitoes, and other small insects, while some larger tropical species have been known to feast on spiders. Damselflies rest their wings together, on both sides of their bodies, while dragonflies have wings that are spread apart, even while resting

Struck by their cute poses, he took shots of the damselflies shortly after dawn as they rested on wild flowers.
Mr Panizza said: 'I found these cute insects' expressions very funny.
'The morning was cold and wet but they seemed to like being perched on the branches and flowers.

Struck by their cute poses, he took the shots shortly after dawn as they rested on wild flowers. The insects measure approximately three centimetres long and have large eyes of around one millimetere

'The funniest photo is where they seem to hold hands and says to the observer: 'This is my partner'.
'I like to call this shot 'Meet Sally', inspired by the famous film When Harry Met Sally.

The look of love? Photographer Mr Panizza said the damselflies have 'lovely big eyes and it is sweet to think they are two close friends'

Despite the insects' cute appearance, they are carnivorous and are similar to dragonflies. The damselflies undergo incomplete metamorphosis with an aquatic nymph stage

The photographer, who has been taking pictures professionally for 15 years, said he also has photos of the creatures in profile, which shows how they mate

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