Rat rescued from the middle of a pond after hitching a lift on a frog

Unusual animal alliance photographed in a pond in Lucknow, India
The rat was clinging on to debris but made it to the shore thanks to the help of the frog


Odd couple: A rat was pictured in India hitching a lift across a pond on the back of a frog

These extraordinary pictures show an unusual animal alliance as a frog carries a rat across a pond, saving the rodent from a watery grave.
The rat had been clinging to debris as it struggled to stay afloat in the pond in Lucknow, in northern India, and welcomed the assistance of a more aquatic creature.
The friendship is reminiscent of The Wind in the Willows, the beloved children's book in which Ratty helps Mr Toad reclaim his ancestral home.

Don't look now! The rodent was struggling to stay afloat before the intervention of the friendly frog

Unusual: The alliance is reminiscent of beloved children's book The Wind in the Willows

Triumph: The pair eventually made it to the shore of the pond, saving the rat's life

source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2449461/Im-stuck--I-need-toad-away-Rat-rescued-middle-pond-hitching-lift-frog.html
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