Lion that snarls like Beyonce


Diva: This lion showed a striking resemblance to Beyonce when he was captured mid-roar at a wildlife sanctuary in South Dakota, America

Captured mid-roar, this lion appears to be showing its inner-diva as it bears a striking resemblance to American songstress Beyonce.
The incredible photo captures the powerful facial expression as the lion lets it all go and opens up its vocal chords.
And, with his flowing golden mane and penetrating gaze, the big-cat wouldn't look out of place on stage with the wondrous singer.

Two peas in a pod: Beyonce in her famous pose. The lion above was captured by wildlife photographer Debra Jones, 47

Debra Jones, 47, took the photo at the Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, South Dakota, U.S.
Debra, who works as an accountant, was astonished when her pictures of adult male lion Hercules included this amazing snapshot.
Debra said: 'I usually take pictures of the majority of the animals and I was taking shots of Hercules roaring.

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