Dwarf rabbit has to be covered with suncream to protect his skin after all his hair fell out because of condition that was thought to exist only in dogs

Delta-Mouse has pituitary dwarfism which vet had only seen before in dogs
Owner thought he'd die, but he's pulled through and is quite a character


Miniature: Owners feared their tiny, bald and funny looking rabbit might not survive

A rabbit born with a normal amount of hair has confused doctors after it appeared to show signs of a condition that only exists in dogs.
Delta-Mouse appeared just to be the runt of the litter when he was born six weeks ago, but when his fur started falling out owner Debbie Ikin from Horwich, Greater Manchester, realised something was amiss.
When she took the pet to the vet, she discovered that he had pituitary dwarfism.

Rare condition: The poor bunny began shedding his fur after he was born six weeks ago

His condition, which caused his fur to fall out all over except from his head and feet, had only been seen before in German Shepherd dogs, the vet said.

Rabbit's foot: But luck was on Delta-Mouse's side and the little creature has surprised everyone by getting stronger by the day

Ms Ikin, 40, said: 'I thought he was the runt of the litter with a skin condition. I have grown up around rabbits and we have had several litters but I've never seen anything like Delta-Mouse.
'I worried he wasn't eating properly, but he was living and just looked a bit different, especially compared to the other rabbits.'
After being checked by the vet, he was declared perfectly healthy. Ms Ikin said the vet decided not to take a blood sample from the tiny creature as it might make him anaemic, so she has been keeping a close eye on him instead.

While he remains far smaller than his siblings, the rabbit's fur has now regrown

Debbie Ikin, who bred the unusual looking rabbit, said he has become part of the family and will not be for sale

The rabbit's eyes need bathing every morning to help him open them because they get stuck together over night.
And when out in the sunshine, Delta-Mouse must be lathered in factor 50 suncream to protect his sensitive skin.
The rabbit has astounded both his owners and vets by becoming stronger by the day.
His hair has regrown on his body, but he still has bald patches on his the back of his head and the top of his feet.
Ms Ikin's son Jacob, 10, loves his new pet and after naming him Delta when he was born, added 'mouse' to the end due to his small stature.

Best friends: Ten-year-old Jacob was so afraid to hold the tiny baby bunny when he lost his fur because he seemed so fragile

Now that Delta-Mouse is on the road to recovery, he likes no where better than sitting on Jacob's head

The ten-year-old has been scared to hold him at times because he is so precious.
Ms Ikin said: 'He's thriving and very spritely. He's super friendly and loves to sit on your shoulder.
'He's become quite a little celebrity, everyone wants to come round and see him and have their picture taken with him.'
Ms Ikin's breeding pair Junior and Stitch have produced a number of litters as well as being parents to Delta-Mouse.

A good clean: Now that his fur has grown back, Delta-Mouse has to keep it all in order

The miniature bunny has settled into the family, who have become completely taken with him

While she is hoping to sell the other members of the litter, it's sure that Delta-Mouse won't be going anywhere.
Ms Ikin, a catering assistant, said: 'Delta-Mouse has become a member of the family, we're completely taken with him.
'I think after all we have been through with him, we couldn't see him go off to another home.'

source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2381275/Bald-dwarf-rabbit-born-fur-body-covered-suncream-protect-skin.html
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