Cute as a button (mushroom): Tiny kitten who was attacked by a crow wears heart-melting crocheted costumes that - believe it or not - are aiding her recovery


Button Mushroom: Wasabi-chan's mushroom cover was specially created by her rescuer's grandmother to allow her to be fed without stopping her feeding tube

What could be cuter than a tiny, wee kitten dressed up as a button mushroom?
Nothing of course - and when you realize that this adorable creature isn't just wearing the outfit for the 'awww' factor, but for her own good, it might just make you lose your cool.
Wasabi-chan, the adorable Japanese rescue kitten, was attacked and seriously injured by a crow who fractured her jaw and ripped her tongue in two.

Awwwww: This is the photo that launched Wasabi-chan to internet fame after her rescuer posted it onto Twitter in Japan

Taken in by her kind owner, who goes by the Twitter handle @jessiepon, Wasabi-chan's recovery was hampered by the fact that she wouldn't take to feeding through a tube.
Thinking outside the box, her rescuer realized that sticking her in cute crocheted costumes would be a fun and sensible way to stop her removing the tube from her mouth.

Where It All Began: Found on June 2nd seriously injured after a crow attack - a kindly passerby picked Wasabi-chan up and took her to the vet - who told her that the kitten needed to be fed by a tube

'She was attacked by a crow,’ explained Reddit user DopeSk1llz. ‘Her top jaw was fractured, a hole in her throat, tongue was ripped, and part of gum was eaten.
‘The rescuer was feeding her with a tube which Wasabi-chan hates, thus created this crochet to hold her down while feeding.'

Not a Big Fan for Such a Small Kitten: Wasabi-chan did not like being fed in this manner much and her arms had to be held in place

‘She’s gaining lots of weights and is now looking adorable!’
Once the pictures of Wasabi-chan were picked up by social media in Japan, the cute ball of fluff snapped up almost 50,000 fans - all wanting to hear how her recovery was going.
Updating Twitter and Instagram daily to update everyone as to her progress, @jessiepon has added to Wasabi-chan's wardrobe of outfits, all made by her grandmother.

This is one of the feeding tube solutions - holding the cutest kitten firmly in place

Improving: The crocheted costumes allowed feeding time to go unhindered and Wasabi-chan steadily increased in weight and health

Hungry: Wasabi-chan has now beefed up to the point where she doesn't need the tubes anymore

Now Wasabi-chan has moved off the feeding tube and is eating on her own and is a firm member of the household

Making Friends: The little kitten is now well enough to explore her surroundings and get to know her room-mates

Describing the moment she found Wasabi-chan on June 2nd, @jessiepon described the harrowing scene.
'I heard a horrible cry of a kitten, getting attacked by crows in front of my house. I immediately rescued her and brought her to the vet. Crows have eaten inside of the kitten’s mouth, to the point she can’t drink milk on her own.'
By the end of the month and a few cute costumes later, Wasabi-chan was well enough to eat by herself and join the family.

Picture of Health: But will she ever look as cute as when she was dressed as a button mushroom?

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