Do you like my mane? Cat owners transform their pets into lions in latest internet craze


Me-ow do I look? Pet owners can now turn their cat into the king of the jungle by giving it a hat with a golden brown lion's mane

You've heard of The Cat in the Hat but the latest pet accessory promises to turn your tabby into the king of the jungle.
The headpiece for felines conveniently fits around a cat's head and gives it a thick mane of golden hair with a pair of ears on top.
The handmade lion hats come in a variety of colours and can be bought in golden brown, black, grey, ivory and husky. Velcro is used so they can be easily attached underneath the chin.

Your cat may already think it is the king or queen of the home but why not give them a mane of hair to transform them into a lion

Designer Yumiko Landers, from Seattle, Washington, U.S. explained how she came up with the idea.
The 39-year-old said: 'Every cat we've ever known believes they're the master of their domain.
'So I thought there's no better way to represent that by making them look like a true lion.
'The idea of hats for cats came from my sewing group and the theme of the week was cats and dogs.
'I thought it would be great to make a long-eared dog hat for my cat, but it didn't turn out as expected and looked more like a pair of bunny ears.

Cute: Mrs Landers has one cat which models the hats online and can be bought from a website

'A few friends saw the photos of the hat and asked if I could make bunny ears for their cats. That was the beginnings of hats for cats.'
Mrs Landers has one cat, which models the pieces online. She also sells monkey and leopard design headgear for felines.
She added: 'We actually make hats for both cats and dogs. Several of our customers have purchased the lion hat for their dogs.

Pampered: The hat conveniently fits around the cat's head and gives it a thick mane of golden hair

King of the beasts: Designer Yumiko Landers from Seattle came up with the lion hat idea

source: dailymail