Is this the funniest advert of the year? Shetland pony moon-walking to Fleetwood Mac becomes internet smash


Silly: The Shetland pony is seen moon-walking to the sounds of Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac in the advert

With further cuts expected in the imminent budget as the government's austerity programme rolls on, Britain is a nation in need of something to bring a smile to its face.
And it seems a Shetland pony moon-walking to the strains of a catchy '80s pop tune could be just the thing.
The advert for mobile internet firm 3, which sees a pony tapping its hooves to Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac, has been lauded as 'the best thing ever' by fans on Twitter.

'Brightens my day': One Twitter user described the 3 advert as 'the best thing I've ever seen'

Baffled: A grey horse peers over a wall at the dancing pony in the quirky ad

The quirky clip has racked up more than two million YouTube hits in less than a week.
'Seeing the dancing pony advert brightens up my day,' said Twitter user @_5ophie, while @Lozzaap tweeted that it would 'always be my favourite advert'.
Another fan, @Anthonyshaw_, posted: 'Love that dancing pony in the new 3 advert', adding 'It'll probably be in a lasagne by next week though', in reference to the recent horse meat scandal.
Mash-up versions of the popular advert have also been cropping up on YouTube, including one in which the Fleetwood Mac song has been replaced by Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, and another which sees the pony trotting to the sounds of Teenage Kicks by The Undertones.

In the zone: The dancing Shetland pony moon-walks to the edge of a cliff in the advert, which ends with the caption: 'Silly stuff. It matters'

Quirky: The advert has received over two million hits on YouTube

Standing out in a crowd: The other Shetlands carry on grazing as the dancing pony moon-walks past

source: dailymail