Feeling a little long in the tooth? Walrus turns up on Scottish beach 2,000 miles from home


A walrus was spotted on one of the Orkney islands in Scotland, more than 2,200 miles away from home

A walrus has turned up on one of the Orkney islands, more than 2,000 miles from his home.
The animal, thought to be a young male, was spotted on the shoreline of North Ronaldsay in Scotland.
Eyewitnesses said it appeared to be in good health and happy to be the centre of attention.
This walrus was seen basking on the shore at Bridesness on the south east coast of North Ronaldsay today.

The animal, thought to be a young male, takes a well-deserved rest after his mammoth trip

He was spotted around 10am by a birdwatcher.
Experts think he is a boy due to the pinkish nodules on his neck and shoulders.
It was first seen by Mark Warren, the assistant warden of the North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory and Guest House - who is more used to logging birds.

Walrus populations are concentrated around the North Pole and Arctic Ocean areas, where it is thought this uninjured walrus came from

The 32-year-old could not believe his eyes.
'My husband rang me and said `guess what I`ve just seen? A walrus!`," said his wife Fleur, 28.
'I thought he was joking at first.
'It is just amazing that he has turned up here. He seems happy enough and gives out a grunt. We would not like to get too close. Even though he`s young he is still a big animal.

source: dailymail