Causing quite a Twitter! The gull who perched on top of chimney above Sistine Chapel as cardinals voted for new Pope


Star attraction: A seagull stands on the chimney on top of the Sistine Chapel, during the second day of voting for the election of a new pope

While the world waited for the arrival of a new pope, a seagull stole the show at the papal conclave.
Smoke watching became bird watching in St. Peter's Square after a gull spent several minutes perched atop the chimney that belches out smoke from the Sistine Chapel to signal whether or not a pope has been elected.
From the chapel's tiled roof, the gull had a commanding bird's eye view of the sea of pilgrims eagerly waiting in the rain for papal tidings.

Prime spot: The seagull sits on the chimney on the roof as another flies past

The bird offered welcome comic relief. Dublin tourist Harry Sheeran said it was 'nearer to heaven than we are.'
Minutes after being spotted, the bird inspired a multitude of Twitter postings before it quickly became a media sensation.

Popular: The seagull became an internet hit as it was watched by people from around the world

The hastag #PapalSeagull in fact started to trend as people began to tweet not only abut the bird, but pretending to be the seagull, according to
However, once the white smoke started to pour from the chimney, the world turned its attention away from the seagull and on to the papal window.

Away he goes: The seagull flies off from the chimney

source: dailymail