Care for a monkey massage? Grey langurs spotted treating a wild dog to a grooming session in India

Pampered: The monkeys set about grooming a wild dog in Rajasthan, India

This wild dog enjoyed extra special treatment when a group of monkeys included it in their pampering session.
The pampered dog lay down to make itself more comfortable as the grey langur monkeys fussed around it and stroked its fur in Rajasthan, India.
After treating the dog to a head massage, the monkeys set about grooming one another.

Special treatment: The monkeys appeared to massage the dog's head as it basked in the heat in India

The unique moment was captured by wildlife photographer Cyril Ruoso, from Lailly in France, who had been observing the monkeys.

Fastidious: Groups of monkeys are often spotted grooming one another

'I was following a gray langur troop and they came across a wild dog,' the 42-year-old said.
'People were offering food to the monkeys and several dogs were around to take advantage of the kind visitors. The monkeys and dogs interacted in a very friendly manner, and the langurs even started to groom the dog - it was very happy about that
'The dog decided to make itself more comfortable by resting on the floor and the monkeys continued to stroke it,' he said.

Social: Wildlife photographer Cyril Ruoso said it was unusual to see this kind of social interaction taking place between different species

Grooming: Langur monkeys are usually grey with a black face and black ears

Mr Ruoso, a keen observer of monkeys and apes, said it was the first time he had witnessed a scene like it.
'When I take photographs I like to be surprised by what I've seen,' he said.
'And this kind of inter-species reaction was very surprising as you don't expect this kind of behaviour from different animals.'

source: dailymail