Who are you calling two-face? Puffy the cat finally finds a new home (but she doesn't look that happy about it!)


Purfect Puffy: The line splitting ginger's face runs vertical, giving her one ginger half and one black half

It is easy to see why Puffy's owner couldn’t help herself when walking past the abandoned cat in the street – who could forget a face like this?
The three-year-old orphan cat has an unusual colouring which sees her face perfectly split in two halves - one black and one ginger.
Puffy was found on the street and adopted by her owner who fell in love with her unique look.

Double-act: Three-year-old Puffy from Serbia caught the attention of a photographer thanks to her unusual colouring, splitting her face in two

Although she is akin to Batman baddie Harvey Dent a.k.a.Two-face, in looks, she does not mind some loving attention - although she can quickly turn the other cheek when someone ruffles her fur.
And the fluffy cat isn't shy about showing off her unusual feature as she stares right into the camera during a photoshoot with animal snapper Zoran Milutinovic.
Zoran, a photographer from Serbia, said he was delighted to see something this rare.
The 31-year-old said: ‘When I arrived, she was hiding from me, and the owner tried to call her but she was behind the furniture.'

Fiery lady: Puffy shows off her 'ginger side' in front of the camera in her home in Serbia

‘She was curious, but too shy to stand in front of me. I managed to take the photographs when she sat on her favourite chair on the terrace.
‘This is the first cat or animal that I've seen like this in the flesh.’
He added: ‘She's the shyest cat I've ever seen.
‘Puffy is an indoor cat and she never goes outside - that's why she is very scared when she meets new people.
‘So it was very hard for me to take a photo - she only likes to be photographed by her owner.’

Balkan beauty: Although she has the face of a comic-book villain, Puffy did not mind some loving attention

Guilty pleasure: The cat looks like she has been caught in the act

Fluffy Puffy: Puffy the cat gives one of her admirers an affronted look

source: dailymail