Look out! Here comes Spider-dog: Terrier with the best fancy dress wardrobe in the world


Spider dog: Boston Terrier Echo is dressed in a spider outfit - just one of an array of unusual fancy dress outfits its owner makes

At first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd stumbled across a giant spider in the wilderness. But it is, ahem, in fact a dog - posing in fancy dress.
And the pet's arachnid costume is by no means the most unusual outfit in its wardrobe.
The beloved pooch, Echo, has a vast collection of fancy dress attire, all designed especially for it by its owner.

Wal-ruff! He may look slightly startled but Echo stops and poses for the camera in its warm and cosy walrus outfit

Kristin Kittle not only designs its outfit but also chooses a suitable set - whether that means taking her pet out for the day or superimposing a background on the computer. From a scorpion costume set in a desert backdrop, to an astronaut suit on the moon, Echo has it all.
It even has a walrus outfit, which it happily stops to pose in for a photography shoot.

Fly me to the moon: Echo's owner Kristin Kittle said the dog began its costume frenzy in its hometown Savannah

Lost in the desert: Echo could quite easily be mistaken for a scorpion in its intricately designed costume

For Christmas time, Echo has its own Santa outfit that comes complete with a hat and a belt.
And if it wants to go scuba diving then have no fear - there's an underwater diving kit for it, including oxygen tanks on its back and flippers on its feet.
Owner Ms Kittle said: 'Echo began her costume frenzy back when we lived in Savannah, GA, her hometown.
'We had no idea what it would turn into, or how recognized Echo would become. We have actually had people say they recognize her from the Internet.'

Bizarre: The dog is dressed in a plant/hedge themed fancy dress costume in one of its most surprising attires

Professional diver? Echo wears flippers, and carries oxygen tanks on its back in the underwater themed display

Father Christmas: Echo the pooch even has a Christmas themed outfit for the festive period

Ms Kittle said each year she and her team spend several months brainstorming ideas, researching fabric and props, before finally deciding on its costume.
She added: 'The process of creating it is trial and error. I begin by taking basic measurements, drawing out a pattern and cutting the basic bodice of the costume, depending on the overall look we are going for.
'Then it's a series of trying on, re-pinning, and so on. When the final product is fully tweaked to allow her optimal movement and comfort, we focus on her "set".
'The costume is a huge part, but what really sells the idea is the context of the picture. We are already tossing ideas around for next year.'

Wrapped in a blanket, the pooch sits in a basket as it poses in front of an E.T. film backdrop

source: dailymail