Top cats! Country's fanciest felines compete to be crowned Supreme Champion

Boasting lavishly decorated pens and exotic names like Bleugems Believe-in-me and Peter Purrfect, these are no ordinary moggies.

From a majestic feline boasting a lustrous coat of perfectly coiffed fur, to a distinctive sphynx cat without so much as a solitary whisker, Birmingham played host to over a thousand pampered pets at the 2012 Supreme Championship Cat Show.
Cat-lovers from all over the country brought their furry friends to the NEC to enter them in the annual show, which is one of the biggest cat fancies in Europe.

Fine feline: A cat named Bleugems Believe-in-me waits for its turn in front of the judges at the Supreme Championship Cat Show in Birmingham

Some of the entrants were spotted reclining in pens kitted out with cushions and Swarovski crystals, while others were equipped with curtains for those times when a pampered occupant needs a little privacy.
One owner had even come armed with a double cat carrier on wheels to ferry her felines around the show in style.

Unusual: This sphynx cat was just one of the exotic breeds entered in the show, which is run by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

The show, which is run by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, sees felines competing to be crowned 'Supreme Exhibit' in categories including Persian, Siamese, Burmese, British and Foreign.

Bundles of fluff: Doting cat owner Rosa Wardle shows off her pet Blue Snowman, left, while Yvette Barber holds up her Tabby Colourpoint Firecracker at the Supreme Championship Cat Show

Cat lovers: Sue Goodger has a cat printed on her bag along with the real deal in her arms - her sphynx kitten is named Archibald Juan, left, while right, Nathan Smith shows off his Siamese Prince Soloman, right

source: dailymail