The real-life Sylvanian Families! Photographers uses pet rats to create everyday human scenes


Adorable: This rat settles down with some cuddly friends for afternoon tea and cake, in one of a series of cute photographs taken by Dutch photographer Ellen Van Deelen

Playing up to the camera, these rats aren't shy in showing off their very human talents.
Whether it's doing sums on the abacus, knitting a woolly jumper for winter or having the family round for tea, they are the real life Sylvanian Families.
The cute pics are the work of Dutch photographer Ellen Van Deelen, who spent hours photographing her pet rats Poppy, Saffie Froppy and Rosie for a unique set of snaps.
In one, our furry friend is hopping into a VW Beetle, while another is out pushing a pram.

Say cheese! This furry friend is off on a little trip in a Volkswagen Beetle

Out for a stroll: This rat poses with a pram

Van Deelen, 54, said: 'I never used to like rats, but one day I went to a pet shop and there was one left that no-one wanted to buy because it was a funny colour.
'I felt so sorry for it, I had to take it home. I then bought a friend for it and I've loved the rats ever since.
'They're such friendly and intelligent animals and so often misunderstood.'

Doing the maths: This rat has a talent for number crunching

Ready for winter: In another photo, one of the rats knits something warm

Sound and vision: One of the rats spends her time in front of the television

She then combined her new pets with her passion for photography to get the perfect poses.
'It seemed only natural to take pictures of my rats. I started buying props for the rats and as they're inquisitive animals, it wasn't long before they started picking them up.
'I have a big imagination so often think of ideas for new photos. I use vanilla pudding on the props, on the handle of the knitting needle for example and that helps show the rats how to use the props.

In the tub: It's bath time for this little rodent

Tender moment: A lovely kiss for this cuddly toy

Papa-rat-zi: The tables are turned in this pic as the rat turns snapper

'They're so clever, they soon know exactly what to do. It's fun to photograph them as they look really cute.
'My new favourite image is the one of both my rats eating birthday cake together - they really look like they're enjoying it.
'As long as I have my rats I will continue to take photos.'

source: dailymail