Drunken monkey! Meet the primate with a taste for a bottle of 2008 cabernet sauvignon


Red, red wine: This monkey looks desperate for a drink as he wrestles to open a bottle of cabinet sauvignon in Malaysia

Many of us like to relax with a nice glass of red wine after a hard day - and this monkey appears to be no different.
The playful primate was caught clutching a bottle of red wine just outside the University of Natural Sciences in Malaysia.
He seemed to be desperate for a drink as he wrestled with the 2008 cabernet sauvignon. Photographer and physics professor, Mihail Nazarov, was stunned when he came across the extraordinary scene.

Thirsty work: After finally popping the cork the monkey was spotted later clutching the empty bottle looking distinctly relaxed (right)

The 66-year-old, originally from Moldova, said the hundreds of monkeys around the campus regularly entertain staff and students.
He said: 'There are more monkeys than students here and they seem to feel relaxed, just like they are at home.

source: dailymail