Water way to start the day! Tiny ladybird captured looking at her reflection in early morning dew


Looking good: The tiny ladybird dangles on the tip of a plant stem and appears to gaze at its reflection in a shallow pool

This incredible picture captures a delicate ladybird dangling on the tip of a plant stem and apparently gazing at its reflection in a shallow pool of water.
The stunning photograph is one of a series of crystal-clear shots of insects taken after the morning dew had settled on a garden in Indonesia.
Amateur photographer Nunu Rizani was inspired to pick up his camera after watching insects clambering over some of his children's marbles left on a wet garden table.

The photographer reached for his camera upon seeing the insects clambering over some of his children's marbles left on a wet garden table

Mr Rizani, 42, also snapped the ladybird and a snail perched on a plant stem and reflected in a perfectly still pool of water below in his garden in Bandung, West Java. 'When I saw a spider on the wet garden table I was interested in immortalising it,' he said.
'For a second the spider seemed to be trying to escape from the marbles, and was apparently afraid of the water. But when he realised it wasn't deep he continued to revolve around the marbles quite happily.
'A little while later I returned him to his natural habitat in some plants nearby,' he said.

Mirror image: The striking pictures were captured by macro-photographer Nunu Rizani

Mr Rizani, who works for a finance company, took up macro photography - extreme close-ups of small subjects - last year.
'I like macro photography because you see many amazing things about insects' behaviour,' he said.
It takes a lot of patience on my part though.
'In this situation, I watched the insects and waited for that wonderful moment when they would play on the marbles or twigs.

Macro-photography: One of the photographer's favourite images shows an ant scaling one of the glass marbles

'Normally they avoid water, but when they know it's not deep and that they can walk on it they are happy to.
'You need a bit of luck to catch the insects showing a beautiful and natural moment at the same time as the water produces a good reflection,' added the photographer, who said his favourite pictures were those of the ant and the spider with the marble.
The pictures are hanging on the 42-year-old's living room wall in Indonesia.

Crystal clear: The insect clambers down from the marble on the wet garden table in Indonesia

A snail perched on a stem dangling over the water in West Java, Indonesia

source: dailymail