Twycross Zoo keepers sacked and arrested 'for beating star elephant Tonzi and two other with canes'


Tonzi, seen with daughter Tara, was allegedly whipped with bamboo canes by three men

Three zoo keepers have been sacked and arrested after allegedly whipping a female elephant at a Leicestershire zoo and harming two others.
Three male staff members are accused of beating Tonzi the elephant with bamboo canes after reportedly being caught on CCTV camera.
A source at the zoo claims that the keepers took turns hitting the 28-year-old elephant but left no marks, so it was not obvious that the animal had been harmed, it was reported.

Tonzi, seen with her daughter Tara, was allegedly subjected to beatings. The zoo says that it contacted animal welfare organisations afterwards

It is believed that the other two elephants were hit with bamboo canes.
But when other staff members were checking through CCTV footage of the zoo, they spotted the alleged abuse.
The source told The Sun: 'It appeared Tonzi was being beaten by the keepers.
'Apparently the keepers were taking it in turns
The source claims that the zoo fears people will not visit the Leicestershire attraction after the alleged cruelty to the star animal.
Tonzi, who originally came from a timber camp in Burma, became a grandmother this year when her daughter Tara had a baby.
The zoo, which has an 80-acre site, confirmed that they had sacked staff following the alleged incident and said the animals had not been permanently harmed.
A spokesman said: 'Three members of Twycross Zoo staff have been dismissed.

Investigation: Twycross Zoo sacked three members of staff accused of beating one of its elephants. Pictured are other elephants at the famous zoo

'This action follows an internal investigation and relates to an animal welfare issue. Twycross Zoo acted rapidly and comprehensively as soon as the issue came to light.
'The zoo immediately instigated an extensive investigation in line with its internal policies and legal welfare requirements.
'The small group of animals this incident relates to suffered no lasting injury, are behaving normally and are now doing extremely well.
'The animals have been and continue to be on full public show.
'The incident was reported immediately to the police who are investigating.
'In addition, leading zoo animal welfare organisations were informed.'
A spokesman for Leicestershire Police said that there was an ongoing investigation.
She said: 'We can confirm that there is an ongoing investigation in connection with the unnecessary suffering of an elephant at Twycross Zoo.

source: dailymail