Tiny terrier Suni - not much bigger than her owner's mobile phone - has high hopes of being crowned the world's smallest dog


Micro-pet: Suni the terrier cross at three months, next to her owner's mobile phone in Jarocin, Poland. Both can easily fit in a pocket or handbag

This miniature dog has got her sights set on a supersized title: Guinness World Records’ World’s Smallest Dog
Terrier crossbreed Suni weighed a miniscule 0.1lbs (45g) when she was born, and three months later at 2.36in (6cm) tall she is still smaller than her owner’s mobile phone.
Although Suni’s weight gain since then hardly breaks the scales - she now weighs 0.22lbs (100g) - veterinarians in Jarocin, Poland, do not believe she will grow to be much bigger.

Tiny puppy: Terrier cross Suni, seen here next to a bottle of nail polish, weights 3.25 ounces and vets do not believe she will grow to be much bigger

Big dreams: Suni has to turn one before it can be determined whether she is the world's smallest dog - but her owner hopes she will stay this size long enough to get the crown

Owner Anna Pohl hopes that her small dog has got what it takes to win the big crown.
‘When she was born she was so small no-one thought she would survive but she has,’ Ms Pohl said.
She has been in touch with Guinness World Records officials to see if Suni measures up for the title.
‘She is a lovely little thing but you have to be very careful where you sit and where you walk,’ said Anna.

No big eater: A 'weighing in' at the Pohl household, where little Suni is put in the cup of a kitchen scale

Although it seems Suni is currently the world’s smallest dog, she will not end up in the record books for a while.
Her owner better have her fingers crossed Suni doesn’t have a growth spurt within the next nine months, as Guinness World Records will not crown her before she is 12 months old.

A kiss for mummy: Anna Pohl gives her little dog a big kiss as she prepares her for the Guinness World Record

The current record holder for the world’s smallest living dog is Boo Boo the chihuahua from Kentucky in the U.S. Measuring in at four inches tall, she has held the title since February 2008.
Suni has competition not only in Boo Boo but also in a Puerto Rican teacup Chihuahua called Milly, who at four months weighed in at 0.37lb (170g).

source: dailymail