The massive foot-wide Malaysian moth found in a Lancashire back garden


Mark Lightowler of Animal World with the foot-wide moth which turned up in a Lancashire back garden - and has already bred.

A massive moth measuring a foot from wing tip to wing tip has been found in Lancashire.
The Giant Atlas Moth is normally seen in south-east Asia, particularly in Malaysia.
However, one was found by the Blackmore family in Ramsbottom - more than 6,000 miles away. It has now taken up residence at Animal World in Bolton and has laid eggs - which have hatched into caterpillars.
Centre manager Mark Lightowler said: "The moth was found in the back yard of a house in Ramsbottom.
'It must have escaped from a private collection.

The Giant Atlas moth is well known for its massive size. Here Sir David Attenborough, holds one at a London museum.

'The family contacted Animal World and I could not believe they had found a Giant Atlas Moth in their backyard.
'It doesn't happen.
'It is just amazing and for it to have laid eggs, I am staggered.'
The moth was brought to Animal World in a large container on the advice of Mr Lightowler in mid-August and two weeks ago the caterpillars hatched and now measure five inches.
They can all be seen at the centre's butterfly house.
Mr Lightowler added: 'Often when people see Giant Atlas Moth they don't believe they are real because of their size.
'This moth would just not be able to survive in the wild and for it to have survived is amazing.'

source: dailymail