Please wake up: Heartbreaking pictures of the dog that dragged dead mate's body away from road and stands guard for A WEEK after it is killed by car


Not ready to move: on The dog still protects his deceased dead friend's body a week after the accident

It is the heartbreaking lonely vigil of a dog that has lost his best friend.
For seven days, the grieving animal has stood guard next to the body of his partner, unwilling to accept the death of his companion after it was hit by a car.
The dog dragged his partner's body away from the roadside on the outskirts of Filippovka, in the Perm region of Russia - and has refused to move since.
Instead he pats and paws at his mate, and tries to keep her warm with his own body, waiting for a miracle that will never come.

Poignant last stand: Witnesses say the animal removed the body a safe distance from the roadside

Children and adults that pass the scene can hear the dog's howls and cries, and many have reportedly burst into tears at the long-lasting vigil.
Locals offer him food and drink so that they can attempt to carry out a burial, but he will not move, however tempting the treats are.

Pawing away: The dog keeps trying to wake his friend up, unable to accept the death

The witnesses describe the dogs as 'Romeo and Juliet', and have made attempts to give the animal a decent burial.
But when they try to tempt the dog away, he will not move, and will not allow anyone within ten metres of his partner.
One resident said: 'It’s very sad. He won’t let anyone near her and he keeps trying to warm her up with his own body.'

Local residents compare the situation to Romeo and Juliet - they cannot tempt him from his friend's body

It is unknown what happened to the dog - the video was posted ten days ago and further updates have been hard to find.
But hopefully there is a happy ending.
For many villagers, touched by the display of enduring loyalty, have promised to adopt the dog when the lonely vigil comes to an end.

source: dailymail