Picture perfect pooch: Britain's Got Talent winner Pudsey releases his 2013 calendar


Canine cool: Pudsey has released his official 2013 calender and seems to be living a pretty relaxed life judging from the pictures

With his amazing routines wowing both the audience and judges, Pudsey easily won Britain's Got Talent 2012.
Now, the cute entertaining canine is set to send his fans barking mad with his brand new 2013 calendar.
The little white terrier shows a different side to his personality as the calendar only features one image of him actually doing tricks.

Drinks are on him: The cute pooch was pictured ready for a night out down the pub with his bow tie on

Having made his name and gained international fame through his difficult routines, Pudsey can be seen mostly relaxing in the new calendar.
In one shot he is suited and booted with a black bow-tie on as he props himself up at a pub bar.
Then in another photograph he can be seen preparing to have a bubble bath with his trainer and owner Ashleigh Butler.

Soaking up the spoils: Pudsey and his owner/trainer Ashleigh Butler prepared to take a bubble bath together

Mr December: Pudsey doesn't seem to do a lot of work these days and mostly relaxes

Pudsey really is living the life of luxury now and the spoils of his superstar lifestyle are all on display in the calendar.
He gets to cross the road with a long slender legged female and spends Christmas in his large stately home, perched in his comfortable luxury chair.
The only bit of work the prize pooch seems to do is a leisurely dance work out in his spacious studio.
If his calendar fails to keep him in the lap of luxury, he at least has a plan b to fall back on.

Back to his old tricks: Pudsey did begin to break a sweat as he worked out in his dance studio

Pudsey has written and published his own book called Pudsey: My Autobidography.
Ashleigh, 17, said: 'The Autobidography is more about what happened before Britain’s Got Talent, like his journey from when he was a puppy to how he always wanted to dance.
'I think Pudsey did a good job in writing his Autobidography. Not only can he dance - he can sing, he can act, he can write books now.

Picture perfect pooch: Britain's Got Talent winner Pudsey releases his 2013 calendar

'I think there’s a bit of everything in there for everyone. It’s humorous, it’s cute. It has its sad moments as well.'
The Official 2013 Pudsey Calendar is exclusively on sale online at www.danilo.com or at Calendar Club.

source: dailymail