Not quite like ducks to water: Watch the moment neglected ducks see water for first time... and have to be forced in


Scaredy-cats: The ducks make an abrupt stop on encountering the water's edge and hastily retreat

Jemima Puddleduck it is not.
This is the hilarious video shows animal sanctuary workers trying desperately to get a haggle of reluctant rescue ducks into the water for the first time.
And they weren't having any of it.
Taken in by the Woodstock Sanctuary in New York, the 24 ducks had never seen water before so when released into a pond-bearing enclosure, their initial excitement at having free range to roam quickly turned to fear.

Get me out of here!: They waddle off as fast as they can in the opposite direction

Going as fast as they can waddle, the ducks charge across the woodland, coming to an abrupt stop by the water's edge, as though encountering some form of blockade.
The flock then turns and retreats, heading for dryer, safer ground.
They even file back toward the pen opening, clearing having realised that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.
It seems to dawn on the ducks that they're trapped and they start dithering around, darting from place to place, seeking a way out from the vicinity of the fearful pond.

Gently does it: The staff attempt to shepherd the ducks in but to no avail

Playing shepherd, the staff attempt to guide their herd toward the water, but the ducks are adamant they're not going in.
Eventually they find themselves in a tight spot - gathered on a rock-edge, with nowhere to run, their only option is to slide into the pond.
Once in the ducks flap manically, clearly not enjoying their wet debut.

In a tight spot: The ducks find themselves on a rock-edge and realise there is no choice but to jump

Over-rated!: The ducks quickly decide they're not enamored with the water and make a rapid escape

They hurry toward the opposite side and clamber out, shaking themselves off in disgust.
Seeing that there is but one option remaining, the amused, yet probably quite frustrated, staff resort to grabbing hold of the ducks and launching them into the water one by one.
It is a most undignified entrance for so highly-strung an animal and it's fair to say a few feathers are ruffled.
Most jump out at the next available opportunity - only to be plonked straight back in again - but one seems to find its water feet, dipping its head in and out of the water as though trying to fish.

It's for your own good!: The staff accept that their last resort is to launch the ducks in themselves

C'mon in, the water's lovely!: One brave duck embraces all that the pond has to offer and realises it's not so bad after all

Anything you can do... Not willing to be shown up as spoil-sports the other ducks swiftly follow and are soon splashing around, having the time of their lives

Well the others aren't going to be stood up like that.
Realising its not so bad after all they follow the adventurous duck's lead and before long they're having a great time, splashing around as they discover what they've been missing all this time.

source: dailymail