Meet Britain's most pampered pooches: Nation's biggest dog show sees 300 doggy divas in fancy dress and nail polish


One-year-old Tyson (left) sported a red bow tie while another (pictured right) kept it simple with just a pink ribbon to spruce up its hairstyle

Hundreds of doggy divas dressed in fancy outfits with dyed hair and wearing nail polish strutted their stuff at Britain’s biggest dog pampering show.
The show, called Diva Dog Day, saw over 300 preened mutts donning wacky costumes including police uniforms, tutus, bow ties, tweed suits and superhero outfits gather with their owners at a venue in Essex.
Donna Spires, 23, who had four Chihuahuas in one pram and two poodles on a lead, one of which sported dyed pink fur, said: ‘The day has been great. It has had everything you could want as a dog lover.

Hundreds of pet owners gathered at the event where they smashed the world record for the most dogs in fancy dress

'Some people think what we do is mad and cruel but the dogs actually really enjoy it.’
Organiser Louise Harris, a pet accessories entrepreneur who recently released a book ‘Diva Dogs’ set the tone for the event by arriving dressed in hotpants in a crystal carriage carried by male models.
She said: ‘It has been such a fantastic day.
‘I am so glad that so many dedicated dog lovers turned up to take part in this special day - I am so proud of everyone who has been involved.

Setting the tone: Event organiser Louis Harris (left) was carried by male models while dogs of all shapes and sizes were escorted to the event by their owners

‘It is just a truly amazing experience.’
The event also saw the world record for the most dogs in fancy dress in one place smashed.
The previous record involved just 603 dogs in costumed attire and was set in Japan on May 14 2011.
Ms Harris added: ‘It was great we smashed the world record.
'We had 650 dogs in total. Unfortunately a representative from Guinness World Record was not able to attend the event.

Arriving in style: Some dogs arrived in prams, others were carried and a few walked

'But I am confident we have beaten the record - it should be verified in a few weeks time.”
The event also included a fashion show where dozens of dogs strutted their stuff on the catwalk, showing off the latest outfits in canine couture.
A number of awards were handed out to various dogs including Pimpiest pooch, Mr Diva Dog and Mrs Diva Dog.

I've got the blues: This dog wore a one piece and had blue highlights

Little and large: The mutts donned a range of wacky costumes including uniforms, tutus and bow ties

Strike your best pose: These lovelies turned up looking perfectly groomed and with matching accessories

There were also various classes including a course on how to make your own dog biscuits and a session on how to heal your pet using Reiki – a spiritual healing exercise invented by Japanese monks.
Lisa Garner, 33, whose Lhasa Apso called Daisy was dyed pink and purple after appearing on the Alan Titchmarsh Show, said: ‘The event has been brilliant.

Pretty in pink: Lisa Garner dyed her Llhasa Apso called Daisy pink and purple after the dog appeared on TV

'It just goes to show how popular dog accessorising has become.
'The classes and therapies available to the dogs and products is just fantastic.'
A number of well known faces also took part in the day including Tottenham footballer Michael Dawson, David Van Day, and model Brandy Brewer.

source: dailymail