Cha cha chipmunks: Squirrels get into the Strictly Come Dancing spirit and show off their moves


Will you lead? The pair appear to 'hold hands' as they dance around on the ground

As Victoria Pendleton and Denise Van Outen strut their stuff on the new series of of Strictly Come Dancing, it would seem that everyone wants to hit the dancefloor.
And these chipmunks are no exception.
The dancing duo have been caught on camera getting into the swing of things after Mel Gray spotted them showing off their moves.

Cheek to cheek! These two playful chipmunks were captured at a camp site in the Etosha National Park, Namibia

In one shot the chipmunks dance around each other, while in another they 'hold hands' as they twirl around.
And one picture even appears to show the pair cheek to cheek in a tango like move.
Ms Gray, from New South Wales, Australia, captured the incredible sight at a camp site in the Etosha National Park, Namibia.
She said the animals had burrows around the campsite and would often come out to entertain visitors.

Taking a twirl! The pair whirled around and clocked up some points from their audience

She added: 'The pictures show the animals playing.
'They were running around, chasing one another, wrestling, rolling over, pinning each other down.
'And they were rearing up on their hind legs, seemingly like in a dance.
'They move very quickly and they're quite hilarious. I haven't seen anything like this before.
'It was great to be so close up and to capture them in this way.
'It was all over pretty quickly but the act was repeated if you hung around long enough.

These two light-footed creatures caused a delight when they were spotted strutting their stuff

'It's just play so it's completely harmless and neither was hurt.'
Ms Gray, a professor of Social Work at Newcastle University, Australia, added: 'I love the excitement of wildlife photography.
'I love the unexpected and the predictable as well as the sheer enjoyment of being close to nature and the beautiful creatures that inhabit our planet.'
Chipmunks are small, striped squirrels while the tree squirrel is larger and doesn't have stripes.
The ground squirrel has body stripes like chipmunks, but no head stripes.
A tree squirrel is larger, has a longer tail and no stripes.

source: dailymail