Two overweight cats survive for a MONTH without food after their owner dies... by living off their ample fat reserves


Ultimate fat cats: Kennel hand Jane Worsley with Roly Poly and Pudding, who survived for over a month without food

Left alone for over a month after the sad death of their owner, cats Roly Poly and Pudding never stood much of a chance.
Amazingly, though, the lucky pair survived the ordeal thanks to their vast bulk - the result of being massively overfed.
Police found the fat felines after reports of a smell coming from their elderly owner's home in Walsall, West Midlands.

One at a time, please! Even when found, the cats weighed more than twice as much as a normal moggy

Both cats were close to death, but had clung on despite having no access to food.
When officers found the pair they still tipped the scales at over nine kilos - more than twice the weight of a normal cat.
RSPCA inspectors believe the cats - aged around 18 months and three years - managed to stay alive because of their departed owner’s feeding habits, and could have been even heavier before they were discovered.

Tubby tabby: Even walking looks rather a struggle for portly Pudding

Now recovered from their trauma, the portly pussies have been christened Roly Poly and Pudding in homage to their waistlines.
The RSPCA is looking to rehome them, and believes their perfect parent would be a health-conscious fitness fanatic or calorie-counter.
Judith Haw, from the RSPCA, said: 'We think the cats only survived because they were so fat, they were obviously much-loved by their owner - but perhaps a bit too much.

New regime: The RSPCA think the pair's ideal owner would be a keep-fit fan - or someone on a diet

Overfed: The cats still have some way to go before their weight is back to normal

'Sadly before she went into hospital we think the lady didn’t have any relatives who could care for the cats and she didn’t have time to let anyone else know.
'The cats did not have access to any food and were using the house as a toilet, hence police being called when neighbours complained about the smell.'
Judith said the cats - which are being cared for at Foxtwood cattery near Stoke - need a new home, preferably with someone into keep-fit.
She said: 'We’d love to find the cats a personal trainer or perhaps someone who is on a diet so they can help the cats lose weight too.'

Dinner? Not interested... Pudding feigns some self-control

source: dailymail