Ssh! I'm trying to sleep: Moment otter wakes up to realise its photo is being taken


What time do you call this? With its paw to its face, the sleepy otter does not look happy to be disturbed

Few of us look our best when we’ve just woken up. So when this bleary-eyed sea otter was confronted with a camera, there was only one thing for it – to go back to sleep.
After appearing to put its paw to its cheek in horror, the otter relaxed back into the water.
While it may look like it was praying to be left alone, Jon Cornforth, who took the picture in Elkhorn Slough, California, explained that otters hold their paws out of the water to keep them dry and warm.

Drifting off again: The furry creature appeared to have its paws together in prayer as it relaxed back into the water

Mr Cornforth said: 'The sea otters are well known and cooperative photographic subjects.
'I worked with a local guide who took me on his boat to photograph the otters at sunset several afternoons in a row.'
The photographer explained that otters' paws are the part of the animal with the least amount of fur, and that they hold their paws out of the water while resting in water to keep them dry and warm.
'As cute and serene as the otters appear, they can become quiet aggressive with each other, especially when mating,' he said.

source: dailymail