It's a ram-raid! Flock of sheep cause havoc as they barge their way into Alpine ski shop


What a baa-gain! Sheep storm a sports shop in the Austrian ski resort St Anton

The owners of a shop were left gobsmacked when eighty sheep flocked to their store in an Austrian ski resort.
The ram-raiders drove the owners and perplexed shoppers baa-my when they invaded the shop in St Anton and caused thousands of pounds of damage.
A spokesman for the Intersport shop said: 'We think one of them saw its reflection in a mirror and came in to investigate'.

Ewe know what it's like when you've spotted a bargain: The sheep drove the shop' s owners baa-my when they flocked in and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage

The spokesman added: 'And being sheep, of course the rest of them decided to follow'.
Negotiations are currently under way between lawyers and the owner of the sheep over the cost of damage to stock within the shop.
Last year, a cow invaded another branch of the sports store and has since become a star after she was featured in their TV advertisements.
Her owner Hans Schroder had to foot a massive bill for everything she trampled or tried to eat. He said: 'I had to buy everything - even the bras Laura chewed'.

source: dailymail