Big is beautiful: Meet the extra-large felines who have become unlikely calendar stars


Calendar star: This portly feline took a relaxed approach to the calendar shoot

They may not be the most athletic felines in the world, but these calendar cats will still give you a smile every month of the year.
The hilarious collection in the 'fat cats calendar' shows our more portly furry friends starring in their very own 12-month production.
While their more lithe cousins may normally steal the limelight in calendars, these cats are carrying a few extra pounds - and are not ashamed who knows it.

The calendar has returned for 2013 after it became a cult hit last year

High flyers: Some cats are pictured in the calendar in more athletic poses, while others find themselves wedged into chairs (right)

The Fat Cats Calendar 2013 - coming off the back of the success of its predecessor last year - features chunky household pets in a variety of comical positions.
One rather hefty specimen in the calendar finds himself wedged inside a chair, while another is pictured on the February page flying through the air.
Other fat cats in the calendar prefer to take a more leisurely approach - sitting or simply sprawling their ample frames across the floor.

A year of joy: The fat cats calendar provides a hilarious different chunky pet each month

I'm just big-boned: These August and January cats are not afraid to parade their bulkier frames

source: dailymail