Shocked fishermen capture airborne humpback torpedoing out of water and nearly crashing aboard their boat


Big surprise! Out of nowhere a humpback whale surprised fishermen by jumping straight out of the water beside them, as seen here

A band of fishermen have captured an astonishing close-call of a humpback whale that nearly jumped into their boat.
The men taking a guided fishing trip off Canada’s British Columbia almost fell out of their boat when the whale jumped straight from the water and belly flopped at their side.
'It's gonna tip our boat over. Get ready,' one of the men told the others while busy watching a much larger whale slap its fins playfully at their side.

Airborne: Zipping straight out the water, the whale spins while getting its entire body out of the water

Guide Matt Thornton of Tofino Fishing steered their boat closer to get a look at several of the whales paddling around together when it happened.
Like a spinning torpedo, the massive whale shoots straight out of the water at a near 90-degree angle without any warning to the passengers aboard.

Head on: Adding to the men's surprise, the whale landed straight toward them, coming approximately 10ft away from their boat

Completing a 360-spin, the whale belly flops with a massive splash just a few yards in their direction.
'That was like, oh man!' a passenger exclaimed while capturing the moment on his iPhone's camera.
'He about jumped in our boat,' the man said.

Rare sight: As luck would have it all men had their cameras ready at the time, with the boat's guide's photo earning a placement in a National Geographic photography competition

So close: Repelling from the massive creature, as well as the splash, the camera shows exactly how close the whale landed next to them, with their fishing rods seen bottom right

'It was literally 10ft from the boat, so close that it splashed us,' Mr Thornton who snapped a photo capturing the whale's spin told Grind TV.
That photo, as detailed and rare as it is, has since been entered into National Geographic's photography contest.
'It was quite an experience to see something completely airborne so close to the boat,' Mr Thornton wrote in the photo's caption.

source: dailymail